Pisgah Baptist Church Minutes

Pisgah PDF.pdf

I know a lot of you will be interested in these minutes that I found microfilmed at the FamilyHistory Library in Salt Lake City, as they tell us of our ancestors spiritual lives. You mustunderstand that many pages had dark spots that I could barely read, except for the use of a magnifying glass and a good light. I have tried to make corrections very sparingly to these documents, but I did add all the punctuation shown here, for the original did not contain any punctuation at all. I corrected some spelling mistakes, so it would be more readable. Everythingwas written just as they heard it. It was so hard to read at first, but got easier the more I stuckwith it. I truly hope you enjoy these and I would appreciate it, if you would contact me about any connections you may have to any of the people mentioned here. Also, if anyone has contacts with those at Pisgah, you can bet I would like to get my hands on the later years of their church minutes for transcription. Enjoy!



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