Annual Crotts Reunion

Annual Crotts Reunion

October 20, 2017

Covered dish lunch begins at noon

St. Paul Baptist  Church

Casar, NC

For more info: Call Tim Crotts 704-692-3201

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Catawba County Artist Depicts Cat Square in Painting

About 2 years ago, I found a Pinterest article about a lady nearby in Catawba County who paints Americana Folk Art of local places as she remembered them. I ordered one of Cat Square and am so proud of it. Today, I found it on Ebay. I thought those of you who love the area might enjoy some of her paintings as much as I do.  The prints are being sold for $35.95 + $5.95 shipping.  The note below tells about the artist and was taken from the E-bay sale page.

 Americana Folk Art Print Cat Square Vale NC Old Store Road Artist Arie Taylor

“Cat Square, NC #1” Cat Square Vale NC old store gas tank Americana Folk Art Print Arie Taylor is a print from one of Arie Reinhardt Taylor’s paintings. In the first painting of Cat Square she didn’t have the name of the town correct. 94 year old artist Arie Reinhardt Taylor is a 2nd generation artist and her art is well know throughout western North Carolina. She has painted 40 years out of her 94 years and over 1,000 paintings in oils and watercolor.

Artist: Arie Reinhardt Taylor
Arie Reinhardt Taylor was born in 1921 in Catawba County in North Carolina. Arie bases her work on scenes from her life in rural Catawba County in the 1920’s and ’30’s.  People from an older generation are reminded of the way things used to be in “the old days”, while younger generations learn what life was like before cell phones, computers, and video games. Her paintings provide a sense of nostalgia for any viewer regardless of whether or not they are familiar with the scene. Arie is the daughter of Minnie Smith Reinhardt, who also was a well known artist.

This is a high quality archival print of an original oil painting by Arie Reinhardt Taylor.

The shipping price includes, shipping cost, tracking and insurance.

This print is printed on Ultra Premium Heavy Stock Presentation paper which captures the vivid colors of the original painting and is ready for framing.

51 lb., 10.3 mil Matte 13″ x 19″ with an image size of 11″ x 14″, giclee print. The print may be signed by the artist at no extra charge if requested.

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Bud Houser has been doing HOUSER research, mostly in Lincoln County area, for many years. He shared several articles with me tht I included in my first genealogy blog and I have reposted it here.

Peter Houser by Bud Houser
— 288 —
Peter Houser, third child of John Houser and Mary E. Wehrly was born about 1751 in North Corodus Twp. York Co. Pennsylvania. He was about twelve years old when his father died in 1763. But, Peter and his older brother John (about seventeen years old) shared their father’s estate. Their sisters, Elizabeth and Juliana, and their young brothers, Henry, Jacob and George, did not share in the estate. Despite their adolescence, John and Peter took the lead in working their land and helping support their mother and brothers and sisters. They received help from their father’s brother, Jacob, who lived nearby. As they grew to manhood, John was interested in farming, but Peter developed skills as a blacksmith and practiced that trade during his life. Peter and John served in the Revolutionary War. They were Lutheran. Peter married Eva Maria Catherine Dhome in York Co. Pennsylvania about 1776. She was the daughter of Benedict and Veronika Dhome and was christened on 20 Jul 1760 in York Co.

Mary E. Wehrly, their mother, died about 1780, when Peter was about 29 years old. He remained in York Co. for another 15 Years, but he began to hear glowing reports of Lincoln Co. North Carolina from his brother, Henry, who had obtained a land grant there in 1784. Finally, in 1795, when Peter was about 44 years old, he and his brother, John, moved to Lincoln Co. Peter lived there for the remaining fifty years of his life. He is believed to have died about 1846, aged 95 and some say that he was “insane” at the time of his death. However, he did not die intestate. His will was probated in March 1846. But, he named only one of his daughters, Elizabeth and her husband, Peter Reep.

Peter Houser is believed to have had several other children, possibly as many as eight. But identification of all the children is difficult and uncertain. Several researchers, as well as the author of this article, have agreed on six, and there are two others with a more tenuous claim. The six accepted siblings have been prolific and their progeny quickly scattered throughout the south and the west. There have been various efforts to pull this “dynasty” together. The “granddaddy” of
Houser family reunions is held annually at the Bethpage Lutheran Church in Lincolnton, North Carolina, appealing largely to descendants of Peter Houser:

1. Fannie b. ca. 1777 d. bef. 1841 m. Henry Long
2. Mary Elizabeth b. May 07, 1778 d. 23 Aug 1862 m. Peter Reep
3. Peter, Jr. b. 2 Jun 1780 d. 20 Jun1852 m. Sarah Heafner
4. Juliana b. 24 Oct 1781 m. Peter Hillebrant
5. Jacob b. 24 May 1784 d. 28 May 1857 m. Catherine Heafner
6. Henry ** b. ca 1786 m. Caerine Plonk
7. Lydia b. ca 1795 d. 4 Jun 1886 m. Peter Haas
8. John ** b. ca 1800 m. Sarah ?
** Uncertain

Peter Houser Will. Lincoln Co. North Carolina, March Session 1846. Will Book 2, Page 246 In the name of God amen. I Peter Houser, Sr. in the Co. of Lincoln and State of North Carolina being of sound mind and memory do think this the 10 day of May the AD 1839 fit to make and ordain this my last will and testament made in the manner and form as following that is to say first I give and bequeath to my son-in-law Peter Reep and his wife and Elizabeth Reep and Dicey Reep all my land of which they shall find me and my wife sufficient and comfortable meat and drink and clothing during
our natural life and that we to have free privilege in the house where we now live in and that they are to pay one hundred dollars out of the land and of his sons and daughters : to be divided among them equal only his son Peter is to have only (2) two dollars and half. Signed sealed published and declared by the said Peter Houser in presence who were present at the time of signing and sealing thereof
George Coon Jurat
Peter Houser (Seal) Joseph Houser Jurat

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Crotts Family Picnic Scheduled for October 26th

On Saturday, Oct. 26th, there’s going to be a “Crotts Family Picnic”, (the unofficial first Crotts Family Reunion and Picnic of our generation) at the old Crotts family cemetary located in Casar on the farm of Floyd Williams. The address is 1315 Casar Lawndale Rd,, Lawndale, NC 28090. The property is actually closer to Casar than Lawndale, but that’s the address. Plan on bringing a “covered dish” to share; ice, plates and utensils will be furnished.

Several members of the family (descendants of Margaret Crotts, daughter of John Crotts) asked me to show them the cemetary on this date and I suggested we have a picnic there. There’s about 30 to 40 graves at this site, which is located near the home place of Valentine Crotts who came to this area in the late 1700’s. Only one tombstone is legible – John Crotts, who is a grandson of Valentine Crotts and was a confederate soldier. I believe Valentine Crotts and other family members are buried here. Let me know if you plan to come and if you need directions. Let’s plan to eat at 1:00.
Spread the word!
Tim Crotts

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Annual Winslow Cook Reunion October 20th!

The descendants of Jasper Winslow and Sarah Elizabeth Davis Cook of Cleveland County will be gathering for a pot luck meal, fun and fellowship on October 20,2013 at Norman’s Grove Baptist Church in Belwood.  This address is  206 Carpenter’s Grove Church Road, Lawndale, NC.  Lunch at 1:00 p.m. Please bring stories, items and pictures that you can share a story about. We would love to see as many of the descendants as can show up for this. Come early and fellowship.

Marriage License of  Winslow Cook & Sarah Davis

This is a copy of Winslow and Sarah’s  marriage license.  Are you a descendant of theirs?


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Military Records of Edward (Netty) Cook

These are the military records of Edward (Netty) Cook that I made copies of at the NC State Archives several years ago. His wife, Nancy Ann’s Application for Pension follows below.

Pension Application of Edward Cook 1

Pension Application of Edward Cook 2

Pension Application of Edward Cook 3



Edward’s Pay Out Slip

Pension Pay Out for Edward Cook

Pension Application of Nancy Ann Cook for Edward’s service in the Revolutionary War.

Pension Application of Ann Cook 2



Pension Application of Ann Cook 3



Pension Application of Ann Cook

The pay out slip where Ann received money for Edward’s military service.
Pension Pay Out for Ann Cook

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Big Hill Methodist Church Minutes 1881, Cleveland County, NC

Big Hill Methodist Church Minutes 1881

Editor’s Note:

Rev. John T. Hoyle’s life has been somewhat intriguing to me, since I was bitten by the genealogy bug back in 1997. My mother-in-law, Eleze Hoyle Sain, told me bits and pieces about her grandfather, John T. Hoyle. She told me he was a circuit rider preacher, but didn’t know what denomination.

We found his name on a list of preachers for at least one church, St. Paul Baptist, in Casar, NC. Up until that time, I was inclined to believe he was Methodist. While going through some old papers we found that his affiliation with the Methodists changed and he became affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church.

John obviously did not have paper on which to write. He used the backs of picture pages in bound books, such as, The United States Department of Agriculture book for the year 1901. He also used little blank sheets at the backs of these books to jot down how much he owed and to whom, and also when others borrowed from him, and how much. I believe he would have been a great journalist, if he were living today, because I have found so many of his notes.

Eleze always had a yearning to learn where her grandmother, Eliza Jane Swofford, wife of John T., was buried. One summer afternoon, Eleze brought two or three boxes of old antique books to my house that had been owned by John. Well, I could hardly wait to get into those books. I was hoping that he had written something somewhere that would give us that nugget of information! Laboriously, I thumbed through each and every page of each book. Some had little notes, but I finally came upon what I was looking for. He tells us that Eliza Jane died in 1891 in Clifton, SC, but does not give us the place of burial. He also gave us an idea of the torment he and Eliza had gone through by writing “Much trouble”. They had five children who died before the age of three. I have never found out the cause of their deaths. There was so much information on this one page, I just couldn’t believe it! I was rejoicing and crying at the same time. I took this book and a copy to Eleze so that she could rejoice with me. It was so wonderful to have someone to share this genealogy hobby with me. We have never found out exactly where Eliza was buried, but Eleze was convinced that wherever she may be, that her grave would be marked with a stone. All the children’s graves are marked with stones, and it is very unlikely that he would not have marked Eliza’s grave. Later, in this same book, I found about the same information on another page.

In the collection of books of John, there is one called “The Abbott’s Great Work”, copyright unknown as the first several pages are torn out.  In the back of this book were several blank pages. It was on these pages that John recorded the minutes of the South Mountain Mission, of which he was the secretary. I would appreciate it, if you claim any of these people as yours, some information on them, and if anyone knows anything about the Clifton, SC area, as to where Eliza may have been buried, I would appreciate the information.

Big Hill Methodist Church Minutes 1881

“Third quarterly conference for South Mountain Mission held at Big Hill August the 23, 1881. A.M. Long, P.C. in the chair opened with prair by Peter Hoyle, J.T. Hoyle elected Secretary. The roll was called. The following were present: A.M. Long, PC, W. M. Swofford, L.P, J.T. Hoyle, LP,Peter Hoyle, Exhorter.

Question first Are there any appeals? None.
2. Are there any complaints? None
3 Is there a written report from the preacher in charge of the number in state of Sunday School. _____Report A. Sunday Schools on this work have been doing good work during the past quarter there are 3 schools in operation in _______ union school. In these schools about ______ officers and scholars have been doing work for the church.
AM Long
4. Report B State of the general state of the church in tolerable good on this work at present though not what it should be 11 children have been baptized the past quarter. Some indications for good being done at some point, also a fair prospect for revival meetings before the close of the year. AM Long

6 What amount have been apportioned to this charge by the distribute stewards. One hundred dollars. PE38 Bishop $1

7 Amount raised $7.74 cents. Paid to P.C. $5.7 PE $2

10 Who is elected recording steward? J. T. Hoyle

13 No vacancies

15 No applications are for licenses to preach nor exhort.

17 Have the _____preached in __________in examination of charcter have there been at ___the __________.

22 Who is elcted superindendents of Sunday Schools. Big Hill N S Jonson, Massedonia Jeremiah Smith, Horse Mountain Gap John Denton. Missionary Ridge George Stacy, Rich Mountain, Wesley Smith, Scot’s Chapel L. M. Scot.

23. None

25. None _____the place for the next quarterly meeting, appointed at Pleasant Gap
A. M. Long. PC
J. T. Hoyle Secretary

Minister of 4th quarterly conference South Mountain Mission Shelby District NC Conference ME Church South. Held at Pleasant Gap Oct 15, 1881. Rev A. M. Long PC in the ______. The conference was open with prair by Marey Clark. Marey Clark was elected Secretary. Roll called the following were present
A M Long, PC
J P Denton
M L Clark
T C. Taylor
John Navy
John Chapman

Question 1st no appeals
2 no complaints
3 Report of Sundy Schools have done good work, this year. 2 of them is still operation
6 Report B 4 adults have been baptized
7. Children received into the church 4? Persons
10. John L Navy was licensed to exort
11 $7.65 paid to PC
23 No report
24 ………
25 ………
26 Pleasant Grove was appointed

Minutes of the first quarterly conference held at Massedonia Feb 25, 1882. South mt. Mission Shelby District, NC Conference ME Church South. Rev F. K._____ in the chair J. T. Hoyle elected Secretary. Roll called the following were present F K Kaylor? PC, W. M. Swofford LP J.T. Hoyle LP, Peter Hoyle, exorter, Jeremiah Smith, David Smith ____________
No appeals
No complaints
The assessment _______
14 The rules have not been read
19 Board of Steward, Missionary Ridge George Stacy, Jos. Bowman,
Pleasant Gap John Denton, Marene Clark, Rich Mountain Jessey Hudson, David Smith Massedonia George King, Antioch Riley York. Big Hill Eli Hoyle, John T. Hoyle
26 Missionary Ridge appointed
H K Kaylor PC
J. T. Hoyle Secretary

Historic Rockdale Mill Destroyed by Flood July 2013

Recently, I went back over to the old Rockdale Mill area and made these photos after the flood. It had been so long that I don’t know much about what the area looked like. I have heard many stories about our ancestors and there are several write ups in the Cleveland County history books about this area. I was raised on Buffalo Creek nearby. I remember walking along the mill road as a child and also on the Rockdale Road. This week there was an article in the Shelby Star regarding the flood and I have attached that link also.

The present owners Jack Spangler and Don Dellinger had hoped to restore the old mill, but not sure there is enough to restore at this point.  Leslie and Iva Cuthbertson owned the property at one time and the house and old buildings that are still standing are seen in the photographs.

Rockdale Mill 1

Rockdale Mill 2

Rockdale Mill 3

Rockdale Mill 4

Rockdale Mill 5

Rockdale Mill 7

Rockdale Mill 8

Rockdale Mill 9

Rockdale Mill 10

Rockdale Mill 11

Rockdale Mill 12

Rockdale Mill 13

Rockdale Mill 14

Rockdale Mill 15

Rockdale Mill 16

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Flood – Howard’s Creek Mill Area- July 27, 2013

Howard's Creek Mill Road 14 Howards Creek Mill Road 7 Howards Creek Mill Road 6 Howards Creek Mill Road 5 Howards Creek Mill Road 4 Howard's Creek Mill Road 3 Howards Creek Mill Road 2 Howards Creek Mill Road 1 Flooding - Howards Creek Mill  Road -July 27, 2013 Howards Creek Mill Road 13 Howards Creek Mill Road 12 Howards Creek Mill Road 11 Howards Creek Mill Road 10 Howards Creek Mill Road 9 Howard's Creek Mill Road 8

These photos  show lots of tree damage with the bridge completely covered  by a fallen tree.  It was nice to visit again, but not under these circumstances.

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Flood Devastation at Old Beam Lumber Company

Beam Lumber Company Road

This is the devastation that hit  near the old icon John Beam Lumber Company in the Vale community.

Beam Lumber Company Road 2

Beam Lumber Company Road 3

Beam Lumber Company Road 5

Beam Lumber Company Road 6

Beam Lumber Company Road 7

Beam Lumber Company Road 8

Beam Lumber Company Road 9

Beam Lumber Company Road 10

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